The All England Roller club


Updated as of the 2015 Annual General Meeting.

The club was formed in 1964 following discussions between O.D Harris, K.White, R. Brown, G.Green, R.Adams, B.Mills, A.Jones, W.Hughes, E.Leigh, E.Stratford and other interested individuals.

The All England Roller Club having been formed in 1964 shall promote through friendly competition the breeding and cultivating of high quality performing roller pigeons based on and developed by the founding members.

Membership of the club to be confined to fanciers holding similar views and ideals as the aforementioned and members interested shall be primarily devoted to the performing aspect of the roller pigeon.

While every member as a duty to see that all rules are strictly adhered to, it is only officers and members of the committee elected at an annual general meeting that have the duty and the power to adjudicate and implement the rules and take such action as they feel appropriate against any member adjudged to be in breach of such rule/s.

Membership shall be open to roller fanciers throughout the British Isles. NOTE- Flying in AERC competitions restricted to England, Wales and Northern Ireland (2009 a.g.m)

Membership shall be confined to fully paid persons and honorary members.

Member’s annual subscriptions to be paid to the secretary/treasurer on the 1st January each year.

Rings will not be distributed until the 1st January each year for that year.

Rings must be purchased from the ring secretary only. Any member selling or giving rings to other AERC members or non AERC members will impose a fine of £40.00

Members will conduct themselves in a gentlemanly manner at all club functions and at functions of other pigeon clubs or associations.

The club motto is patience......perseverance......perfection.

The club at all times encourages fast spinning, deep rolling roller pigeons. (2002 a.g.m)

Officers who shall be elected bi-annually at an annual general meeting shall consist of general secretary/treasurer, ring secretary, fly secretary, show secretary, journal secretary, president, chairman and committee members (north, east, south and west)

All officers will automatically become members of the committee.

All officers will whenever possible attend all club meetings, competitions and shows.

All officers will keep the secretary informed of ideas and developments in his area and will help organise competitions in that area.

GENERAL SECRETARY shall promote the club and its activities, oversee the ring, journal, show and fly secretaries responsibilities and be accountable for the finances entrusted to the officers of the club. He/she will enrol new members, keep up to date records of members and addresses together with record of all monies paid to and from the club. Meetings.

RING SECRETARY shall arrange purchase and distribution of club rings and keep up to date records of such things including all monies paid to and from the club. The A.E.R.C ring account held by the ring secretary to be transferred to the general secretary at the a.g.m.

FLY SECRETARY shall arrange flying competitions including distributing entry forms, fly rules and fly schedules. He/she shall keep up to date records of monies paid to and from the club for such activities. He/she shall take responsibility for flying trophies and replicas.

SHOW SECRETARY shall arrange A.E.R.C annual show including distributing entry forms. He/she shall keep up to date records of all monies paid to and from the club for such activities, He/she shall take responsibility for the show trophies and replicas.

JOURNAL SECRETARY shall take full responsibility for the collating and printing of journal material. He/she shall receive full support from the journal.

TREASURER to present to the a.g.m a full and current balance sheet showing monies received and spent, give at any time( given two weeks’ notice to draw up) a current balance sheet supported by a current bank statement to any member requiring the same and make available the club record books for inspection on request by any member

Only members who are senior citizens and have paid their membership for three(3) years to be granted honorary membership.

The secretary to decide all future venues. (1992 a.g.m)

The A.E.R.C disciplinary committee to comprise of all the committee members. (1992 a.g.m)

Entrants to the A.E.R.C flies are offered the facility to restrict access to their lofts.

A general meeting for the election of officers and/or fixing of domestic rules must be held annually. Usually on a Sunday in March of each year but not Mothering Sunday. The secretary of the A.E.R.C must notify each member in writing at least six weeks before the annual general meeting of the date, time and place at which such meeting will be held and the business proposed to be dealt with at each a.g.m to be sent to each member. (1999 a.g.m)

Any member of the A.E.R.C wishing for additions or alterations to existing rules or proposals for new rules to be adopted must give notice of the proposed alterations, additions and new rules in writing to the secretary of the A.E.R.C at least 28 days prior to the holding of the annual general meeting. Such resolutions should first of all include wording which will delete the part or whole of the existing rule/s requiring the proposed alteration. The secretary of the A.E.R.C must inform each member of the A.E.R.C of such alterations or additions at least seven days prior to the meeting. No additions or alterations to any proposals on the agenda shall be permitted except for correction of punctuation or grammatical errors. (1999 a.g.m)

General meetings of the committee shall be held as often as may be required. The committee shall appoint its own meetings and regulate its own proceedings. A "special" meeting of the committee may be called at any time by the president or chairman and shall be called by them within twenty one days after a written request by no fewer than five members of the committee has been received by him. (1999 a.g.m)

No business shall be transacted at any committee meeting unless a quorum (mimimun of seven) committee member is present. (1999 a.g.m)

The committee shall have reserve powers to make and alter rules and regulations to cover any emergency created outside its control. Such rules made or altered at a committee meeting shall operate until the end of the emergency or the next a.g.m whichever is sooner. (1999 a.g.m) SUBJECT TO RULE 44

Rules may be altered by the committee subject to rule 26 at a committee meeting or any adjournment thereof by a resolution/proposal carried by a majority of the committee present at such a meeting provided always that ample notice of proposed alteration is given in the agenda convening such a meeting (1999 a.g.m) SUBJECT TO RULE 44

Non members will not be permitted to attend or be represented at any meetings called by the A.E.R.C neither may they be permitted to make or submit resolutions for voting on at meetings called. The A.E.R.C shall use a minute book in which the secretary will record the date, time and place of all meetings the names of all committee members present, resolutions with the names of the proposer and seconds and whether carried or defeated. The chairman and president shall sign all minutes after confirmation as a true record at the next meeting, except the minutes of the a.g.m which if agreed as a true record shall be confirmed and signed at the next a.g.m. (1999a.g.m)

No resolution or proposal shall be proposed at any meeting unless the same as been specifically set forth in the notice summoning the meeting. Any relevant amendment may be proposed by any committee member to a resolution or proposal properly laid down before the meeting, the decision of the chairman as to the relevance of any amendment shall be final. (1999 a.g.m)

Each committee member shall have one vote except the chairman who will have a casting vote only in the case of equality of votes. The voting shall be in the first instance by a show of hands but any committee member may demand a card vote. No vote shall be given by proxy, no committee member shall without permission speak or vote on any matter in which he/she may have a vested interest. (1999 a.g.m.)

Any resolution affecting the amount of membership subscriptions or ring costs shall take effect from the 1st of January of the following year. Fly fees, show fees etc may take effect the same year. (1999 a.g.m)

The supreme control of the affairs of the All England Roller Club shall be exercised by the committee subject to the backing of the membership at the a.g.m (1999 a.g.m)

Should any dispute arise on any matter connected with the A.E.R.C the same shall be referred to the committee of the A.E.R.C within twenty one days of the dispute. The nature of the dispute shall be set out and if possible a committee meeting be called subject to the approval of the chairman and president within twenty one days notice in writing to all parties and to the committee. In certain circumstances if a meeting is not possible the secretary shall use a postal vote of the committee. If a meeting is convened all interested parties must leave the room whilst the decision is being made and a vote taken. (1999 a.g.m) SUBJECT TO RULE 44

If a member is dissatisfied with the decision of the A.E.R.C committee he/she shall have the right to appeal within twenty one days of the decision being given. The appeal to be sent to the chairman and president of the A.E.R.C for their final decision on the appeal, if necessary the letter of appeal to be read out at the next a.g.m (1999 a.g.m) SUBJECT TO RULE 44

Any individual may apply to become a member of the All England Roller Club upon application to the current secretary of the A.E.R.C. Such applications shall be made upon a form obtained from the secretary of the A.E.R.C and shall state whether the applicant has been a member of any pigeon club before, with the details of the club/s and shall be signed by the applicant and if possible by two members of the A.E.R.C to whom the applicant is personally known. The first year’s membership will be a one year probationary period, membership applications shall be vetted wherever possible by the secretary of the A.E.R.C or officers appointed by him, membership shall be notified to the committee and voted on at the next committee meeting or by postal vote by the committee but not the a.g.m. It shall be the right of the A.E.R.C to refuse to grant membership to any individual where it is satisfied that this would be in the best interest of the A.E.R.C and its members. (1999 a.g.m)

If any member of the All England Roller Club shall be guilty of any dishonourable conduct or conduct which renders him/her unfit to be a member of the A.E.R.C or wilfully breaks the rules of the A.E.R.C or refuses to comply with any decision of the A.E.R.C or upon any matter affecting the sport of flying Birmingham Roller, exhibitions or shows he/she may be expelled or suspended by the A.E.R.C for such a period as determined by the A.E.R.C committee. (1999 a.g.m)

Members suspended or expelled from the A.E.R.C shall be reported to the National Birmingham Roller Association (N.B.R.A) (1999a.g.m)

Any member not collecting reported birds within 14 days will have their membership cancelled (2015 a.g.m)

Where on information in possession of the A.E.R.C and the A.E.R.C takes action leading to the suspension or expulsion of the member/partnership the ban will be members and the address of the loft. He/she shall have the right to appeal during the period of suspension the person/s shall not be permitted to attend any meetings held under the rules of the A.E.R.C except when he/she may be invited to attend a committee meeting when applying to have a suspension lifted but for that item of the agenda only. It should be noted that expulsion is irrevocable. Any appeal shall not be laid on the grounds of any technical objection to the proceedings of the meeting. (1999 a.g.m)

Resignations: members wishing to resign must do so in writing before the a.g.m or they will be held liable for their subscriptions of the following year. A resignation can only be accepted if the member is clear of all outstanding debts to the All England Roller Club. (1999 a.g.m)

Only flying members can vote on alterations to the flying rules. (1997 a.g.m)

Members must supply and keep the secretary informed of a contact telephone number. Failure will result in a £25.00 fine. This is to help the problem with reported birds. (2003 a.g.m)

General Secretary to receive £1500.00 to be reviewed annually and other A.E.R.C officers to get a £100 payment annually for their jobs. It was decided that committee members would be entitled to free membership as their payment for being on the committee. If an officer and a member of the committee they would only take one or the other. I e £100 or free membership. (2005 a.g.m) ( 2013 a.g.m)

Anything passed at am A.G.M cannot be altered by anyone until the next A.G.M (2009 a.g.m)