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The Swallow Wing Theory


                                 The Swallow Wing Theory

                                           By Dave Morris


I first started in pigeons in 1971 with various varieties of show pigeons; also I raced for a few years on the North road in the mid 80’s to early 90’s.

About five years ago I bought Graham Dexter’s book “Winners with Spinners” and read it many times from cover to cover. Now then I had to have some of these rollers. Over the past two years I have been around a few flies and have asked many fanciers if I could look at the wing of their fastest spinner. The majority of the rollers had the same kind of wing. I.e. the last four flights were thin and narrow with gaps in between each flight. They also had a step up from the secondaries to the primaries, with the secondaries also very narrow. This type of pigeon in the show pen, when looking from the top actually had little back cover. 

Some of the fastest sprint racing pigeons I have seen had this type of wing, short forearm and a strong chest. When you think about it, this type of wing would permit you to see the hole in the side.

Is this the principal for a fast spinner? Could this be the wing we are looking for?